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Military Information

Moving  to Dahlonega? I can help. As a retired 1SG from the Ranger Camp, I understand the nuisances of the military move. The Dahlonega area is a unique place to find a home. I can help you find a rental home or a home to buy.


The Dahlonega area is a great place to own a rental house, but sometimes it can be difficult to find one to rent. Generally, homes will not be advertised more than a few weeks before they rent.

I manage a number of rental properties and have access to many more managed by other companies. Most of the ones I manage belong to Ranger families or investers.

The Dahlonega Nugget is a good resource for rentals, but many rentals are not in the paper and come by word of mouth. Many landlords prefer military!! Some of our rentals offer Military discounts that are not advertised. Having pets will limit your selection some, but as long as you are willing to pay a pet deposit that can often be overcome.

Military Housing

The Ranger Camp does offer excellent housing, Porter Village, if you prefer that option. When you sign-in to Ft. Benning, check with the Housing Office for wait times. 

Buying a Home

If you choose to buy a home, here are a few  things to consider:
    * Buy a home that meets your needs -- not necessarily your dream home.
    * The home should have strong resale potential -- 3 bedrooms and 2 baths are very important. Convenience to    town or Hwy 400 increases resale potential.  
     *New Construction homes appreciate faster than resale homes, but you may gain more square footage from a resale home.
    * Storage can be another important issue. A garage or basement is helpful on the resale
    * Determine the average price of home sales in the area and try to buy in the range that is selling. 

*At all costs, avoid a mortgage payment that will overextend your budget. Buying a home is a great investment, but it will not be worth it if you can't comfortably afford the mortgage.

These are just a few items to consider when purchasing a home. I would be happy to talk with you about these and any other concerns.

Thank you!

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Tony Nunley
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